Monday, 28 November 2016

Purposefully Living

How long have we dreamed of buying a place in France? 
Of living in the mountains?
Probably ever since we got together over 30 years ago...
So here we are, we are finally doing it! 
We have paid our deposit, met with the notaire and will be receiving the keys to this cute little house in January! 
Next year will bring about a lot of change for us and we are very excited, we have been focusing on our lives in a positive and intentional way, meditating each morning and visualising the things we desire.
The incredible thing is - it works, it really does.

We have proved over and over again that it is possible for us to do this - being in a good place and having the ability to really focus always makes things happen.
We consider everything we have achieved so far, things which seemed so out of reach, but we wanted them and somehow they came into our lives...
 From cars, holidays, our business, the B&B to houses.
It has meant taking quite a leap of faith at times, even when the likihood seems ridiculous we've kept on believing in it happening, but once we've set our hearts on something, we don't give up!

We absolutely love dreaming up our next adventures and amazing manifestations - our tiny French house is just the beginning to a very exciting year...

Does anyone else purposefully pursue their dreams?

Hope everyone is well!

Kay and Sime 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Season's Greetings

Taken from Amnesty
We would like to share with you the sad news that Bebe passed away last week.
She was still living in the local care home where she had been singing & dancing up until falling ill.
She died peacefully in hospital, after her body gave in to pneumonia.
We visited her every day - talked, sang, held her hands & gave her lots of hugs & kisses..

For 2 evenings she was lucid, she sang with us & told us that she loved us & her grandchildren implicitly, with all her heart. 
She also told us not to cry & that everything would be ok.

We made all the funeral arrangements ourselves - she requested a simple, no fuss send-off.
We bought a biodegradable cardboard coffin, which we decorated with the lyrics from 'Fly Me To The Moon' & yesterday picked her up from the hospital in our car & took her to the crematorium in Truro.
We spent a few minutes in quiet contemplation, shed a few tears & said our final goodbyes.

Bebe was mostly unhappy towards the end of her life & the staff at the home were really struggling with her extreme mood swings.
She kept telling everybody that she wanted to go home to Stoke-on-Trent & during her last days we promised her that we would do just that.

For us, the constant worry of Bebe is over, the years of travelling up to take care of everything, the phone calls, the meetings, the upsetting visits, the challenge of bringing her to Cornwall & the abuse we had to deal with from her... It's all gone.

And for now, we are enjoying the good memories of fun times with Bebe...

In the New Year - we will be picking up her ashes & taking Bebe home to rest.

With warm Yuletide wishes, 
Kay & Sime

Sunday, 10 May 2015

French Road Trip - Atlantic Coast

We are on another road trip - this time on the French Atlantic Coast & it's hot!

See you soon.

Kay & Sime

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The South West Coast Path Circular Walk From Home

We're having such beautiful weather here at the moment, so we're making the most of it!

Last week we decided to do one of our favourite local walks...

Taking the lane past our hamlet...

And the footpath down towards Caerhays...

There had been a thick sea mist all morning, which started to lift.

1 mile from home...

Tim Burton's film crew were starting to take over the beach.

After feasting on fruit & handfuls of nuts on the beach, the mist cleared & we got on our way...

We joined the coast path to head home...

Looking back down on Porthluney Beach.

A mysterious standing.stone.. Neither of us remember seeing it before!

Taking in the view...

These steps through the woodland are never-ending... 

Out the other end...

Down more steps...

This little chap ran across the path - we do see lizards a lot in our garden too.

We think the only way to get to Lambsowden Cove is by boat...

As it really is quite a long way down!

Catching sight of Hemmick Beach... 

Nearly home!

The walk is about 3 miles long & we took just over 4 hours to do it (including an hour on the beach).
There are lots of ups & downs, but it's worth it to be in such a stunning place - you really feel like you are in the middle of nowhere & to top it all - we had the path to ourselves!

Kay & Sime

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Happy Bebe

For the very first time, our visit with Bebe was an absolute joy!
It was so nice to be with her & wonderful to see her so positive at long last. Is it thanks to the drugs? Or is she finally settling? Probably drug related, but at least she wasn't tormented by all her anxieties...

We took in some family photos & also printed off information explaining why she's there & where we are, etc to help calm her down at night, as the staff were telling us last weekend that they continue to have problems with her in the night. We've also promised Bebe that we'd write down everything about the kids, she likes to know how old they are & what they're all doing & always asks us several times each visit, so we'll get that done for next time.

Her new improved mood is hopefully here to stay, she's even been reading a newspaper each day, which is something she found difficult to do before - she didn't have the interest or the ability to sit for long.

As you can see in the video - we're all happy bunnies & long may it continue!

Kay & Sime

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Nearby Film Set - A Walk From Our House

There's always lots of filming going on around here, but a few weeks ago we noticed a film crew base in a field near here, with security manning the gates even in the middle of the night (we were returning from one of Sime's late gigs). We were told that it's a Tim Burton film as he'd visited a local Indian restaurant & we were intrigued. After bumping into some neighbours in the week who told us to have a walk along the coast path, we decided to go along to investigate with Hugo today.

The film is based on a children's book, set on a fictional Welsh island & is starring Samuel L Jackson, Judi Dench, Rupert Everett, Terence Stamp & Eva Green.
Although there were only security guys around today.

On the coast path.

Looking down on the village.

This whole set has been built on the village car park - Hard to believe that this isn't a real building...

Nor this one...

These too are part of the set...

Sime tapped the grave stones & they are plastic...

The island name.

We carried on to the next cove - looking back on the village.

End of the road...

Hugo on the rocks...

The coast path towards home again...

A dangerous, but stable wood pile...

We think this is a Violet Oil Beetle.

Along the coast path are the beautiful gorse bushes - the flowers smell of coconut.

Heading back home.

Rope swings...

And pull ups...

The Roseland Peninsula.

Former coastguard lookout...

Inside - looking out...

Outside - looking in...

A splendid afternoon's amble!

Kay, Sime & Hugo